The Pyramid of Marketing Success (Part B)

Third Layer: Secondary Inbound Media

There is still some merit to directory services like Yellow Pages and lawyers-only directories. People do still look to these places occasionally when they know they need a lawyer, so it's not time to toss them aside just yet. The client who comes to you from these sources knows they need a lawyer, they just don't know to what extent (or what you can offer).

Here, marketing for lawyers takes a turn to focus on offering your potential client information, not just a picture and a phone number. Your Yellow Pages ad can scream "I'm a lawyer, hire me!" just like all the others, or it can say "Hey, here's some useful information that may help your claim" and really stand out from the rest.

The Top: Outbound Media

Outbound media is your TV and radio advertising
. This is the hardest media to work with when marketing for lawyers because it targets people who aren't convinced they need a lawyer. A client who knows they need legal representation isn't going to sit around waiting for the next commercial to tell them who their attorney should be.

The kind of clients you reach through outbound media legal marketing are the ones who aren't convinced they need a lawyer. It's the job of your marketing efforts to tell them the benefits of working with a lawyer and how to contact you. No need to yell that you're the best. You get to prove that once they contact you and you send them your great book or CD or whatever free information you offer.

If you properly layer and devote attention to these aspects of your legal marketing pyramid you'll build a solid structure that will ensure a continued client feed to sustain your business.

There's a lot more to learn if you want to understand marketing for lawyers and how build a practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business - (703) 591-9829.

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