How Can You Perfect Your Law Firm’s Marketing When Marketing Tools Are Constantly Changing?

Over the course of your practice, you’ve seen a lot of advertising tactics come and go. Phone book ads and word-of-mouth are giving way to new technologies, and it’s impossible to know what the next big thing in personal injury attorney marketing is going to be.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know what form the new advertising media will take as long as you still to your Great Legal Marketing principles. These can be adapted to suit any service, and are worth reviewing at least once a month to keep your marketing campaign on track:

  • Avoid schemes with an “easy button.” Effective marketing is complex.
  • You choose your clients, not vice versa. Don’t be afraid to turn down cases that are not ideal.
  • Your contact list should be growing. Find new ways to focus on adding to and cultivating the people who receive your marketing materials.
  • Get technical. You (or someone on your staff) must fully understand your website’s technical functions, such as search engine optimization and social media.
  • Keep it interesting. Your marketing materials must attract attention with interesting headlines and compelling copy that directly addresses the issues running through your prospect’s mind.
  • Communicate with your contacts regularly. You should send a newsletter or other communication to your contact list at least once a month, preferably more.
  • Automate your marketing. A good database can handle a lot of the “scut work” of your practice, allowing you to handle the tasks that only you can perform.
  • Promote your offer, not yourself. Instead of repeating the name of your firm and what you specialize in, you should be focused on getting your customers to ask for your informational guide.Applying old marketing tricks to new mediums.
  • Perfect information brings in perfect clients. All of the information you offer should be geared toward the ideal customer you wish to attract, making him feel as if you are the perfect lawyer for him.
  • Perform relentless customer follow-up. Anyone who contacts you for information because he has a case should receive special, constant attention.

Now that you have the basics, you need to apply them throughout your marketing campaign.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.