Make It Easy for Potential Clients to Find You

There are plenty of ways to get attention on the Internet and in conferences around the country. Not all these are good ways, and some could definitely cut back on the effectiveness of your legal marketing, but there are plenty of good ways to get your name out there too!

There is the tried and sometimes-true method of buying as much marketing space as possible. The Internet and Yellow Pages get a lot of looks, but the point of successful marketing is to bring in more money than you spend. Not to say you shouldn’t spend money on advertising, of course, but it’s not the only way to go.

Sharing knowledge as a law firm marketing tactic

Make your law firm visible on the internet.One of the best ways to create a presence on the Internet is to produce content that people can actually use. If you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, write expert content and analysis of bankruptcy information. People start their search for information before they start their search for a lawyer. If you can demonstrate you're a knowledgeable lawyer before they even look for one, you’ll definitely catch their eyes. They’ll already know you’re experienced and well-informed, and you haven’t even tried to sell them anything. Indeed, you've given them valuable information without charging anything. If this is the service they get for free, they can just imagine the service they’ll get when they’re actually paying for your services.

Trading references to promote your law firm

The second way to get your name out there for free is to put other people’s names out there for free. If someone happens to run into you in person or online and they’re looking for a lawyer specializing in something other than what you do, pass them on to another good attorney you know in the community. If you’re a personal injury lawyer and you meet someone who’s looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, give them your card and write down the name and number of a bankruptcy lawyer in town. When the bankruptcy lawyer asks how the person found them and they drop your name, that lawyer is going to remember the favor and hopefully pay you back later. The best part is, you don’t even have to set it up formally! It should just happen if you’ve made the right reference.

Building a marketing strategy for your legal practice

These are two ways to make sure that your name is spread around online and around the community. On top of that, it’s all free. If you can make yourself look like a good guy, people will want to work with you and your marketing will take care of itself (to a point).

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