When someone sees a print ad, they will likely look you up online to learn more about you. Hopefully your website lives up to their expectations. That is a simple example of the transition between offline marketing and online marketing - a potent relationship that is often underexamined by marketers.

The development of marketing campaigns, strategies, tactics, materials, etc. should never occur in a vacuum. For example, you shouldn't shoot videos just thinking about YouTube. How could those videos be presented as a "video series" in a direct mail piece? Would the videos put on a DVD be a nice offer on your website?

Consistently examine how you could repurpose your marketing in multiple ways. Simply being observant of these opportunities could be transformative in how you market your practice. It could quickly double your lead generation if you aren't currently trying to merge your offline and online marketing campaigns.

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Charley Mann
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Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!