The History of Lawyer Advertising (Part B)

From Bus Benches to Cell Phones

Early lawyer advertising was limited to where other professional services advertised. Lawyers back in the '70s and '80s had to figure out this new concept of legal marketing and come up with the first legal marketing strategies. State bar associations soon found they had to regulate lawyer advertising to avoid false claims, unfair competition, and other issues that were starting to rise from the lawyer advertising movement.

At the time, static ads were all the rage. Public bus benches, billboards, and the Yellow Pages were where similar professional services advertised, so lawyer advertising followed suit. This was the birth of the giant yelling lawyer ads you still see today when flipping through the directories and plastered on buildings. 

As TVs continued to surge in popularity within the American home as a source of information, and radio continued its reign as a news provider, lawyer advertising stretched out there as well. Now the yelling was legitimate - we had lawyer ads that screamed for "victims" to "call us NOW!"

With each new piece of technology that another industry finds as a viable marketing venue, lawyer advertising has followed. The Internet has been the most influential technology to hit the legal marketing world, opening up several new methods and reaching millions more clients than before.

Lawyer Advertising: The Internet and Beyond

Today nearly all the hype in legal marketing revolves around the Internet. Social media has replaced the office consultation in some cases, banner ads replaced bus benches and billboards, and online lawyer directories have surpassed the Yellow Pages (at least in its traditional print mode).

While most of the current legal marketing strategies place your lawyer advertising venues online, there's still many options to consider offline that are not only beneficial, but may be overlooked by your competition. Don't forget that legal marketing knows no bounds, nearly any venue that's appropriate for advertising is fair game for lawyer advertising.

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