Six Types of Triggered Emails for Attorneys and Law Offices

Our recent article in which we outlined the major benefits of automated marketing for attorneys might have you convinced that teaming up with an automated email service is a great way to go, both for you and your potential clients. But now that you have the means to send automated messages to those who have contacted you, what do you say?Email marketing for attorneys.

Here are six common ways to get started:

  • Welcome! When a potential client first contacts you, a general welcome email is a great way to kick off your relationship. It makes the reader feel comfortable and gives you a chance to share all the great things you offer: free reports, website information, confidential consultations, and more.
  • Thanks for requesting our offer. It’s great to send a thank you email to anyone who has requested a free offer—it is a chance to establish contact and to let him know that you have much more to give. Make sure that your email is relevant to the offer he took you up on and that it lets him know what related resources you have.
  • Next steps (re-engagement). Haven’t heard from your contact after an initial inquiry? It might be a good time to send a re-engagement email, where you outline your services and lob out another call to action. In many cases, a potential client simply needs a little nudge, a quick reminder, or more guidance.
  • More information. Everyone who has contacted you has only one thing in common: the wish for legal information. Now that you have their attention don’t hesitate to show them what you know and what you can do to help them. Sending more information—such as links to recent articles—is a great way to continue a connection.
  • Upcoming event. Do you have an announcement, an event, or other news you’d like to share? Why not share it with your contact list? Not only will it get your news out, but it will also remind contacts that you are around and ready to help.
  • Want to leave a review? After you have worked with a client, sending a triggered email asking them to review your website or write a testimonial is always a good idea. And don’t forget to say “thank you” in advance!
Ben Glass
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