Three Website Errors That Can Ruin Your Law Firm’s Online Marketing

Imagine you’re shopping for a hotel room for an out-of-town trip. You’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, and all the rates are roughly the same. One hotel has a great location, but there are many spelling errors in the listing. You want to book the hotel, but you hesitate. What if their spelling is representative of the service at the hotel?

Your website is the face of your business, and it is the first point of contact. That is why you should put effort into your website, even if you don't sell goods online. Potential clients will visit your website even before they contact your law firm. First impressions matter.Does your website have grammar errors?

You may not have the money to invest in a web developer, but there are a few things you can do now that will help your website.

  • Spelling. People are looking for an attorney because he knows something they don’t. If your customer thinks he has better reading skills than you, he’s not going to be optimistic about your legal skills.
  • Grammar. Most people don’t worry too much about grammar in daily conversation. However, in writing grammar is important. People can read and re-read your words and nitpick what you say. For this reason, check and correct your grammar.
  • Visual style. Those new to web design tend to pull out all the attention-getting stops on their websites. But jumping sidebar ads, curly fonts, and dark backgrounds are annoying, and only encourage customers to click away.

Of course, sites that are overflowing with errors can be legitimate businesses. Shoppers have many choices, and when everything else is equal, they will look to cut options. They’re not going to waste time giving you the benefit of the doubt when there’s someone else with the same goods. And that lawyer hired a copy editor.

Ben Glass
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