Connecting with Your Competitors (Part B)

Confidence is Key

When you're proclaiming that you're the best attorney to take on a client's case, there's no better way to show that than to be confident. If you are secure in the fact that you've got a great list of clients, you've got legal marketing strategies that work to bring in more clients all the time. Plus, you don't need to take every case that runs in the door, so you should have no problem connecting with your competitors.

A lawyer who isn't afraid to acknowledge their lawyer competitors is basically saying that they are secure in their own practice. They know that yes, there are other attorneys out there doing the same thing, look, here they are, but you're going to want to choose me anyway because I'm the best around.

Part of your legal marketing strategy should be to establish yourself in your practice area niche as the go-to lawyer for that specific field of law. Even though yes, they are your lawyer competitors, they aren't YOU. Your law firm is unique in some way from every other law firm that practices in your area. By putting yourself out there next to your lawyer competitors for clients to compare, you're able to show off your unique qualities even more.

Be Charitable 

Philanthropy can go a long way beyond raising money for causes and donating to charities. I'm a nice guy and I'm confident, therefore I can embrace the fact that I have lawyer competitors and don't show fear that I'll lose business because they exist. I don't have to focus my legal marketing on slandering my competition, or stroking my own ego. I can just say I'm the go-to guy for X practice area niche and be done with it.

Plus remember, what goes around comes around. When you help your lawyer competitors out by handing them cases you aren't suited to take, they'll in turn do the same. One of the best ways to establish that you're top in your field is to associate with other professionals that are right up there. You're often judged by the company you keep, so a referral network of good attorneys shows that you all know your stuff and trust each other to care for your clients.

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