What No One Has Told You about Effective Time Management for Attorneys

You've gotten yourself through law school and built a successful law practice. Along the way, you've had to learn to manage your time to balance your educational, professional, familial, and other responsibilities. Some days you think that you are doing a pretty good job of leading a balanced and productive life. However, if you are like most attorneys, there are days when you feel overwhelmed and ineffective.

A New Approach to Time Management for Lawyers

At first glance, the following proposals are radical. In order to properly manage your time to best serve your family, your clients, your interests, and to grow your business with a successful legal marketing campaign, you should consider:

  • Refusing to Take Phone Calls. This may some counterintuitive, but consider how disrupting it is to your thought process and concentration when the phone rings. Even if you are just taking a break, your thought process has been disrupted in telling your assistant that you will return the call. Get into the practice of refusing to take phone calls without an appointment.
  • Throwing Away Your To Do List. That's right - you won't need it anymore. Instead, everything that was on your to do list should be scheduled on your calendar for a specific time of day when it can be accomplished.
  • Maintaining a Tight and Rigid Schedule. Once everything on your to do list is scheduled for the day, you may notice how much you can accomplish. Try to be as rigid as you can in maintaining your schedule and don't deviate unless there is an emergency that makes it necessary.

This Approach to Time Management for Attorneys is Not Easy

This can't be accomplished overnight. You will have to practice implementing it into your daily routine in order for it to be effective. However, if you stick with it, recognize your time as your only asset that is truly irreplaceable, and make time management a priority, then you may find yourself operating the business that you want and leading a balanced life that makes you happy.

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