Taking Risks with Your Legal Marketing (Part A)

As a lawyer you're used to taking risks any time you take on a new client, try a new strategy in case development and so on. With all that legal daring, why are you afraid of taking marketing risks when it comes to the legal marketing of your practice? I've heard every excuse in the book: "It takes too much time/effort," "It's expensive," "I don't understand all this newfangled technology and Internet marketing," and the list goes on.

Stop making excuses! I'll debunk those myths and help you put aside your legal marketing fears so you can enjoy the success that many of your peers are already experiencing.

Myth #1: Taking Legal Marketing Risks is Too Time-Consuming

I know I keep saying that your time is your most valuable asset, and while it's still true, you also need to realize that your time is your greatest weapon as a lawyer. When you devote your time and energy into something, the successful lawyer entrepreneur will be able to realize quickly if this is or isn't worth their effort.

When you're trying a new legal marketing strategy you should pay careful attention to the benefits coming from it versus the time you are spending. Some efforts such as a newsletter may take months to see results while others like social media and networking may take only a few weeks. During these waiting periods you need to stick with your work and track your success.

So when do you know that a legal marketing strategy isn't working for you? There's no fixed timeframe to tell, as it all depends on the individual strategy and whether or not you're working it to its full potential. The best answer to give is to trust your intuition and decide when a legal marketing strategy just isn't the right fit for growing your business.

However, I'm not saying give up! There's no "success" or "failure" here; there's only the notion that when something isn't working for your law firm's legal marketing, you need to reevaluate your efforts and change your strategy to MAKE it work for you.

Myth #2: Taking Legal Marketing Risks is Too Expensive

It's a huge myth that trying a new legal marketing strategy can break your bank. In fact, many of the latest legal marketing trends-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube-are completely free. I'm not saying you should cut corners on your legal marketing expenses. Instead, I'm observing that the overall investment is minimal in the light of the perfect clients coming in your doors.

You may be reluctant to allocate a part of your legal marketing budget to a new marketing risk, but that's the beauty of the Great Legal Marketing methods of lawyer marketing. Because you are targeting your marketing to attract only the clients you want, you're not throwing money away trying to attract a vast sea of clients.

When you're not spending thousands of dollars on blanket-ads that attract mainly clients you don't want to work with, you can spend a much smaller amount targeting just the clients you DO want.

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