Newsletters Aren’t Dead Yet!

Do I need a law firm newsletter?

You have a fancy new website, YouTube videos, and an email follow-up campaign. Do you still need a newsletter?

Yes! Your newsletter should be an integral part of your attorney marketing campaign. At Ben Glass Law, we add everyone who has ever contacted the firm to our newsletter list. This means that we send out over 4,500 newsletters each month. Is it worth the time, effort, and expense? Definitely!

How do newsletters generate referrals?

Imagine a potential client, Mrs. M. Three years ago, Mrs. M visited your website because she was worried about paying medical bills after a car crash. She signed up for your free book, and never followed up. The injury wasn't as serious as she feared, and her insurance company paid the bills.

However, Mrs. M stayed on your newsletter list. A few months ago, she read your article about children and dog bites. When she found out that her co-worker's grandson had been bitten by a dog, she found the newsletter and passed it on.

That's how newsletters work. Every month, you talk to people in their own homes, and you provide interesting information. And when they or someone they know needs help, you will be the one that immediately comes to mind.

How can I write an effective newsletter?

How can you write a newsletter that gets read and passed along?

Content is the most important factor in creating an effective newsletter. If your newsletter is full of fluff, it's likely to end up in the recycling bin. Here are five tips to help with your newsletter marketing campaign:

  1. Make your content relevant to both your law firm and your audience.

  2. Include a variety of content: articles, answers to questions, tips, and maybe even a contest.

  3. Keep your tone authoritative, but avoid jargon; make sure your content is readable.

  4. Proof-read. Nothing hurts credibility as much as misspellings and grammatical errors.

  5. Provide information about your website, so clients can get more information.

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