Niche Your Legal Marketing for Money (Part A)

I've talked in the past about marketing yourself as a niche lawyer, but what about carving a niche in legal marketing in general? The purpose of niche marketing is the same as niche legal practice; you want to stand out from the crowd.

However, there are more reasons to practice niche legal marketing, especially when it comes to simplifying your overall marketing plan. One of the main benefits is that you can avoid spending unnecessary money on lawyer advertising that doesn't target the type of clients you want.

The Low Cost of Niche Legal Marketing

Picking a niche market to cater to means you can stop casting your net wide. It also means you won't have to shout louder to be plucked from the sea of lawyer advertising. Your niche means you're unique on your own, so you don't need to compete against the hundreds of carbon copy ad campaigns out there.

If you can develop a unique, relevant niche to market your legal practice with, you no longer have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to shout over bigger law firms or those "call us if you've been in an accident" services. Proper niche legal marketing can make it so you only have to employ simple lawyer advertising to grab the attention of the right clients.

Niche Legal Marketing Means Narrowing Your Scope

When you niche your legal marketing you can narrow down the areas where you plan on focusing your lawyer advertising. For example, take a lawyer who decides to niche his marketing to clients facing DUI conviction. He may decide to advertise his legal defense services at bail bond centers, or bus benches around the local jail.

Knowing where and how your target audience looks for their information will allow you to niche your lawyer advertising to those venues and methods.
You don't have to waste money on unnecessary keywords or buying ad space in overly generic lawyer advertising venues.

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