Niche Your Legal Marketing for Efficiency (Part A)

There are so many benefits to marketing yourself as a niche lawyer that I've had to split this topic into 3 articles now, with more probably to come. I've covered the monetary benefits of niche legal marketing, and now I'll impart some wisdom on the time and stress you won't be wasting on your lawyer advertising if you niche your legal marketing. 

Simplify What Your Lawyer Advertising Says

When you employ niche legal marketing in your promotional strategy you don't have to worry about cramming 10 different practice areas into a tiny Yellow Pages ad. You don't need to develop articles for multiple types of vehicle accidents, or have 20 different blogs - one for each type of case you handle. You can simplify both your legal marketing venues and your lawyer advertising messages.

I've seen a lot of lawyer advertising that looks like a jumble of words and legal jargon. This is the exact type of content that makes clients gloss over your ad and move on to something less frustrating. When your message to your clients is how you'll make their lives easier with your legal help, you don't want your first impression to be a confusing lawyer advertising mess.

Paint a Clear Picture with Niche Legal Marketing

Niche legal marketing means doing one specific thing and doing it well.
Your lawyer advertising should clearly reflect this. Whether you use a catchphrase, a nickname, extra title, or a specific gimmick, these should all say point blank to your client exactly what your niche is.

When a potential client sees any of your niche legal marketing, they should have a clear picture of what your niche is.
The immediate reaction should either be "this is the lawyer for me" or "those are not the services I'm looking for."  Even the latter response isn't necessarily a bad thing, that just means it's one less client you'd have to waste time on to ultimately decide you're not the right lawyer for the job.

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