How to Use Your Law Practice as a Tool to Serve Your Lifestyle (Part B)

If you think it's wrong-or somehow immoral or unethical-that you should be free to enjoy the financial fruits of your labor, than it's pretty likely that you'll never have to worry about facing that moral dilemma. Unless you intended it to run as a registered non-profit entity, your law practice should operate as a wealth-building tool to serve your lifestyle.

You have to stop thinking of your law firm as a charitable organization and recognize it as a business. If you were a mechanic and your specialty was repairing and rebuilding engines on luxury European sports cars, would you feel guilty about using your business as a wealth-building tool?

What about if you were a novelist? A computer programmer? A baker? Would you feel badly about wanting to earn a comfortable living doing any of those things? Of course not! Don't allow the old, outdated ways of thinking about what it means to run a law firm prevent you from having the kind of life and career that you want and deserve. 

Your law firm is a business and it should run like a well-greased wheel with systems put into place to handle the day-to-day minutia that is necessary to maintain and grow a profitable enterprise. And here's the kicker; the system(s) that you put into place should make it possible for your office to run without you.

You should only be spending time on the most critical needs of your business. Specifically, you should be focusing on the marketing needs of your firm and spend the rest of your energy being a great lawyer.

Understand that marketing is the most important job that you have in your practice
. If you don't take charge of your legal marketing needs, you will simply not succeed and you will not be able to use your law firm as a wealth-building tool to serve your lifestyle.

If you aren't inclined to be creative and think outside-of-the-box on how to turn your firm into a profitable business by using the strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, at least you won't have to worry about ever having too much time and money on your hands

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