Appealing to Search Engines: Half the Battle to Getting New Legal Clients

If you are reading this, it is probably because you want your website to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. It makes sense that after you have spent so long designing and writing content for your legal website, you would want your clients to find it easily.

If you want your law firm’s website to rank high on the search engine indexes, you have to start with keywords. You have likely incorporated many of these keywords (such as attorney, car accident, or medical malpractice) into your content already. However, how you use these keywords is even more important—and since search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, you must stay informed to keep ahead of the competition.

Here are a few dos and don’ts of optimizing your legal website for search engines:

  • Do let keywords guide your writing. Your keywords should act as an index of how you want your readers to find you.
  • Don’t overuse your keywords. New search algorithms can not only identify keywords, it can tell if they are being used in conjunction with appropriate content. Your content should educate and inspire your readers, and have a sprinkling of keywords to direct robots to your site.
  • Do change your keywords frequently. Each page of your website should have a unique set of keywords, and those keywords should reflect the content that is on that specific page. Simply using “Virginia accident attorney” over and over will make your keyword stale quickly—and won’t help your traffic.
  • Don’t underestimate the search robots. Remember that search engine robots, or “spiders,” are constantly being updated. Providers can program what they read, how fast they read, how they crawl through a site, how often they do it, and finally what they choose to index.

Top search engine providers like Google closely guard their indexing algorithms, and they take great care not to share their methods with the public.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.