Optimizing Keyword Phrases For Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

Successful marketing doesn’t mean simply getting as many calls from your ads as possible. The return on successful marketing means getting calls from the sort of personal injury prospects you work with best, doing the kind of casework you want to be doing.

The idea behind an optimized keyword phrase is that it summarizes the service you provide in the most concise format possible. You want words embedded in your website to match the sorts of terms a potential client might type into a search engine.

Start the process by thinking like a reporter. Ask yourself:
  • WHERE is the prospect located? Try nearby cities, counties, landmarks, and general regions of the state you are in. Examples: Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Northern Ohio, Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie.
  • WHAT happened to motivate your prospect’s search? Avoid legal jargon like “premises liability” and try phrasing potential cases as a layperson might while still using compelling and specific language. Examples: car wreck, dog bite, slipped in Safeway, ACME child seat defect. The phrasing might seem awkward, but remember: your prospects don’t speak lawyer.
  • WHO is your prospect looking for? You’ll want a good mix of these terms on your site, though remember to keep it in the language of the layperson. Examples: lawyer, lawyers, attorney, attorneys, law firm, lawsuit.

Make a list for each of these three Ws, thinking of as many accurate terms as you can. These are the building blocks for your optimized keyword phrases.

Finding the sweet spot
The popularity of a term refers to how often it is searched by how many individuals, while the competitiveness of a term ranks how many pages have been optimized for that specific term.

The most successful keyword phrases will strike a balance between popularity and competitiveness—meaning that it is a term that will likely be searched (high popularity) that falls into a range specific enough to put your website in the top results (low competition.)

To get a sense of how competitive a keyword phrase is, put the phrase in quotes and search it on Google. Google will give you an estimate of how many other pages have been optimized for that keyword phrase at the top of the search listing.
If you’re already working with a firm that handles search engine optimization (SEO), they can teach you the basic principles of keyword phrase selection and offer direct feedback while you are in the learning process. You may find that this is one of the most valuable services they provide.

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