Formatting Your Law Firm’s Past Personal Injury Marketing Into Searchable Content

You probably spent a lot of time, effort, and money on paper marketing before your law firm took to the web. While many attorneys discard past paper campaigns once they get online, you should know that many such documents can be given new life as part of your law firm’s web marketing.

The first step you must take is to compile all of your paper personal injury attorney marketing items to decide which you would like to include on your site. These can be:

  • BrochuresYou can give your old print materials new life
  • Past newsletters
  • Magazine articles
  • Excerpts of the law that are pertinent to your practice
  • Books (or book chapters) that you have written
  • Infographics (such as posters and presentation slides)
  • Client briefs that describe details of cases you have won

Now that you have your pile, you can begin to comb through all of your past materials to see how each one can be used to reinforce your new marketing message. However, before adding any of these to your website, you must take careful note of:

  • Relevance. Printed materials have a short shelf life. Check for any outdated information, such as an “upcoming” conference from two years ago or a new statute that could affect the outcome of a case.
  • Format. You cannot simply scan your paper materials and upload them to your site (at least, not if you want to see your search rankings improve). Scanning documents will upload them as image files, and search engine spiders cannot read the text in graphics. They can read text in document files, so convert as many files as possible into Adobe PDF or other searchable formats.
  • Optimization. Some of your past content may need to be rewritten to integrate key phrases and add hyperlinks. Don’t worry; the time you spend updating will be well worth it.
Ben Glass
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