The Power of Free Giveaways (Part A)

In legal marketing the more unique places your name appears, the better. Clients have come to expect lawyer ads on park benches, billboards, and bus stops...but what about a tote bag? Consumers love to get things for free, and promotional items for your law firm can be a great way to get your name in the clients' hands.

Logo Branding Works

Even if your law firm or practice doesn't actually have a graphical logo, the style of your printed names serves as a visual for your legal marketing.
All of your materials - letterhead, business cards, and your other promotional items should all have a uniform logo.

If you don't have a logo already, it's something to consider when developing your legal marketing campaign. While traditionally lawyers often shy away from graphics because they're too "cartoony", that may be an angle you want to pursue, especially if you're a child injury attorney!

Logos are one of the most effective forms of advertising because they are a visual reminder of your company.
When a client sees your logo enough times on your materials, they identify the logo with your practice. Soon that logo becomes the first thing they think of at the mention of the word "lawyer."

Promotional materials for lawyers can be personalized with your logo for a small cost. There are hundreds of promotional item companies that offer custom logo printing on their items, and some will even design the logo for you for an extra fee.

How do I distribute my promotional items?

Look at all the promotional items you have from other companies. Where did you get them? Conferences, community events, or even the actual stores/offices themselves are all places where company logoed giveaways can be found. Sponsoring a located event is another great strategy to get your personalized items in gift bags.

When ordering promotional items with your law firm's logo, order enough to ensure you have enough in your office for your visiting clients as well as for any events or sponsorships on the horizon. It's not good legal marketing practice to just leave your promotional items out to take - you should interact with your potential clients a bit before they get their free stuff.

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