Yellow Pages: Effective Lawyer Marketing? (Part B)

Know Thy Enemy

Before you start drafting your print ad, take a look at what's already in the Yellow Pages legal section. Most of the ads are all the same: lawyer in a suit, injured person in bandages, bold buzz words like "No-Cost" and "fight" - all shiny attention grabbers and all the same.

You may be tempted to copy this ad style - it must work if they're all doing it, right? Wrong. If your ads all look the same, how is a client going to differentiate? You're going to need to stick out among the sea of ads if you want to see any success from a Yellow Pages ad.

Track Your Successes

One of the best ways to determine if a marketing campaign is successful or not is by knowing how your new clients are finding you.
This can be as simple as just asking them point-blank, "how did you hear about us?" to more complicated things like website analytics.

One of the best ways to track phone referrals from a specific ad campaign like Yellow Pages is to use a dedicated 800 number that would only have calls from clients who found you from that ad.

Once you start using an advertising strategy like Yellow Pages, it's important to figure your costs on placing that ad versus the kind of client response you get from it. You need to look at how much money you are spending on your ad and then how much revenue you earn from the clients that contact you from that ad. If your revenue isn't exceeding the amount spent on the ad, the campaign is a failure.

It's Different For Everyone

The Yellow Pages may work for you, and if it does, that's great, keep doing it. But with more and more traditional lawyer marketing strategies becoming defunct, it's going to take a lot more than one strategy to keep you at the front of the line. A diverse marketing campaign is necessary to grab the clients that are going to make your practice a successful one.

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Ben Glass
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