You Should Think About Investing in a Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign

As a lawyer, you want to land on the radar of people who are actively looking for an attorney—say, by typing “Minneapolis personal injury lawyer” into Google and seeing what comes up. If you've done a good job with your website, your page will appear in the top two or three search results, and you will have nothing more to worry about. But if you're not registering on page one of Google results, you can still make an impact on prospective clients by buying “pay-per-click” ads triggered by specific search strings.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Effective and Economical

One of the best things about pay-per-click ads is that you have to pay the advertising company only when your ad is clicked on. If someone types a search string into Google and ignores your ad, it doesn't cost you any money (and if that person does click your ad, that's enough of a lead right there to recoup your investment!)

What is the right way to approach a pay-per-click marketing campaign? Well, you'll have to:

  • Target your ads geographically
  • Decide on the structure of your campaign
  • Avail yourself of free keyword resources on the web
  • Write powerful, effective advertising copy
  • Learn about destination URLsHow pay-per-click ads can be effective for your law firm.
  • Track the performance of your campaign with webmaster tools
  • Become a master of AdWords reports, to further hone your campaign

A Well-Executed Pay-Per-Click Campaign Can Work Wonders

If you approach your pay-per-click campaign having done ample preliminary research, you'll be amazed at how successful and efficient this type of advertising can be.

Ben Glass
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