Link Love: Improving Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

When potential clients turn to the Internet after facing a legal issue, it is vital to the success of a legal marketing campaign that the law firm’s website appear at the top of the search engine result list. Linking to the legal web content — whether it is to another page within the law firm’s site, or an external link from another site — can improve the content’s ranking on the search result list. Within the content itself, the link will appear in the form of a text link, also known as anchor text. The words are often underlined and highlighted, and link to either an external site or to internal pages of the law firm website.

Why is linking so important to personal injury legal marketing?

Linking is important to legal marketing because it will improve the law firm’s search engine rankings. Search engines determine page rank based upon the apparent relevancy and value of the web content. When personal injury attorneys use strategic linking, the search engine may assume that the content has greater relevancy and value. For this reason, it is acceptable to link to — and receive links from — even the law firm’s competition, provided that the linking is reciprocal.

How can linking be utilized most effectively?

To improve the effectiveness of linking through web content, the links should:
  • Link from a key word phrase if the link is to an internal page
  • Link to competitor’s websites if they are powerful and successful websites, and if they also link back to your content
  • Link to pages that have minimal outbound links

When used properly, linking is a valuable tool available to attorneys for gaining new personal injury clientele. 

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