Most attorneys, when they plan their personal injury lawyer marketing, fail to really get clear on what they would like to accomplish. This might sound surprising and, perhaps, counterintuitive. But law school almost certainly failed to teach you about the importance of marketing clarity. This is a huge problem. You might be stellar at your craft. You might have wonderful relationships with your legal peers. You might be an extremely skilled litigator, researcher, or legal writer. But if you do not know precisely what you want to get out of your marketing—in a quantifiable and time-bounded way—your journey will be unnecessarily rocky.

Here are some symptoms of your lack of clarity:
  • You start and stop different marketing projects;
  • You find yourself distracted from your billable hour work with thoughts about “what you need to do” to get more clients;
  • You're getting the wrong type of clients, or your client flow is start-and-stop;
  • You're struggling with budgeting and planning your firm’s cash flow;
  • You keep promising yourself—and your staff and your spouse—that the next big marketing push “is going to be it”: it will finally lead to your firm’s long-term prosperity.

You need to choose the path of clarity and push to maintain it.
The world of any professional lawyer is inherently chaotic and filled with both hidden opportunities and hidden obstacles. Even if you gain clarity about what your marketing goals are today, a problem that arises tomorrow or three weeks from now can totally throw off your game and change the whole plan. 

To gain and keep clarity, you basically need to do two things:
  1. You need to begin with the end in mind. You must create measurable, quantifiable goals; from those, you can work backwards to develop a law firm marketing strategy toward reaching those goals. For instance, you could say that your goal might be to acquire five new marquee clients by the end of this quarter.
  2. You need to have a system to review and tweak your legal marketing plan as needed. It’s not enough to draw a line on the sand and start marching there. You need to recalibrate on a regular basis, so that you stay focused and fresh, as opposed to working from an old, worn-out blueprint.

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