Personal Injury Marketing Ideas: Marketing Is Not Selling

Which personal injury marketing ideas work, and which don’t?

To answer this question, one must drill down to understand the purpose of marketing. A surprisingly large number of lawyers confuse marketing with selling. These are two extremely different activities. If you are not aware of the distinction, you can make great errors, which can drain your time and make you inefficient.

Marketing is a process—an ongoing event—that involves bringing your target market to desire the services that you have to offer. This is different from the sales process, which leads your suspect or prospect through a chain of events that ends with the person giving you money in exchange for your goods or services.

Why This Distinction Matters

Great legal marketing is an ongoing event. Succeeding requires more than just creating great copy for an ad, running a killer TV campaign, or plastering your face and telephone number on visible billboards around town. Unfortunately, far too many talented lawyers squander their efforts by treating marketing as a kind of “one shot” situation. Instead, they should be thinking of marketing in a more systematic way.

What does that mean? It means that you need to “get outside” of the marketing machine, so that it can be automated and you can even potentially hand over the job to someone else. The moral: stop searching for “marketing ideas” and start building your marketing process.

No single idea—no matter how dazzling or brilliant—will help you achieve the fame and lifestyle that you desire. This isn’t to say that there aren't good marketing ideas and bad ideas. But you need to be focused on developing, testing, and refining the systems in your business to bring your target clients to desire your legal services.

Ben Glass
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