Mystery Calls: Innovative Personal Injury Marketing Ideas

Understanding the type of experience that potential and existing clients receive when contacting a law firm is an essential aspect of attorney marketing. Without this form of quality control, it is nearly impossible to determine whether potential and existing clients leave their interaction with the firm feeling as though they have had a “wow experience.” As a result, the firm could be wasting valuable legal marketing dollars by investing in law firm advertising, only to have potential and existing clients feel underwhelmed once the firm is contacted.

What is mystery calling? 
Mystery calling is a legal marketing tool where the attorney contacts the law firm pretending to be a potential client. While law firm staff may be aware that mystery calls will take place, they will not know when the calls will happen — or which specific calls will be made by individuals who are not really potential clients.

What are the advantages of mystery calling?
Mystery calling helps the law firm to:
  • Experience exactly what potential and existing clients do when they contact the law firm.
  • Determine which employee interactions with potential and existing clients need improvement.
  • Identify whether employees need further training handling interaction with the public.
  • Understand the overall impression that the public may have after interacting with the law firm.
  • Determine how responsive the law firm is to potential and existing client.
  • Identify whether the law firm is asking the right questions and gathering the right information from those who reach out.

Why is it important to let law firm staff know that mystery calls will take place?
Attorneys should inform staff that mystery calls may occur. This helps to prevent employees from feeling as though they are being spied on or micromanaged. Trust between the employer and employee is very important, and being upfront about mystery calls will help to improve that relationship.

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