Personal Injury Marketing Ideas: Never Too Soon To Exceed Expectations

So you’ve taken the time to build a well designed, easy-to-navigate website for your personal injury practice. You’ve filled it with excellent content that several potential clients have found useful. In fact, you’re getting more calls and personal injury information requests than ever. So what are you going to do? Send a letter?

You’ve grabbed their attention: Now hold it.
Clients looking for help in a personal injury case have probably been through a lot in recent months. It’s very possible that an act of generosity will mean a lot to them. It’s the kind of thoughtfulness that will go a long way toward creating a positive perception of you and your firm.

Instead of just responding with that letter and the promised book, consider making a full-on care package catered to what you’ve learned about the needs of previous personal injury clients.

Here’s just some of what you can put in a big envelop or box and send out to information requests in order to immediately exceed a potential client’s expectations:
  • The requested book
  • A booklet of tips on how to find the right attorney for their case
  • An audio CD where you discuss pertinent information for the client either on your own or in an interview
  • A DVD collecting your streaming attorney videos or television interviews
  • A pamphlet of testimonials from previous clients
  • Reprints of your best articles
  • “Accident kits” for their vehicle
  • Newsletters and press releases from your firm
  • Pens, t-shirts, reusable grocery bags, or other handouts designed for your firm
  • Other print or multimedia content that would promote your firm in an ethical, engaging and educational way

Building a library of multi-media materials like this will involve an initial investment for your firm. The package itself will be expensive to ship out, and there’s a strong chance the client won’t review or use everything in the package. Some people are auditory, some are visual, and others prefer to read. By including information in a variety of formats, you’ve covered all your bases.

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