Lawyer Marketing Ideas: The Best Blog in Your Niche on Earth

If you're an attorney who has scoured the Internet for better lawyer marketing ideas, you’ve probably already encountered dozens of concepts that can help you reach your goals. 

Indeed, there are probably hundreds of tactics you could deploy to good effect. What’s stopping you from achieving your vision is likely not your "idea deficit" but rather your lack of focus. Just as no one can be all things to all people—and as no attorney can represent every single client effectively—different tactics make more sense for different firms. That equivocation case aside, let's zero in on one powerful concept: legal blogging.

Why a legal marketing blog can help
There is a multitude of reasons to start and keep up a blog, or at least to have a blog as part of your online marketing arsenal. These include: 

  1. Search engine optimization. You want potential clients to find you via Google, Yahoo Bing, and the other search engines. By posting content relevant to your prospective clients to your blog on a consistent basis, you can get your posts positioned to show up in search engine rankings and generate what are known as “organic” rankings for your blog.

  1. A blog can gently introduce potential clients to you and begin the marketing process. A great blog creates an “intimate on a large scale” platform for you to connect with prospects. Clients get to hear your take on issues of the day and learn more about what separates you from the pack and how you might meet their needs. You can deftly add a call to action and try to lure people into entering your funnel by offering a free e-book or report.

  1. A great blogs lets you test out lots of innovative marketing ideas and “off the wall” stuff to see what sticks. Great legal marketing requires some experimentation. There is no way to know in advance what strategies and tactics will work for which groups. You need to try stuff, see what works, and then follow up on the successful approaches. That’s the way the game is played. All the great inventors and innovators in every industry say the same thing: you need to experiment, measure, and reproduce results that work. When you blog—or hire someone to ghost blog for you—you can test out a variety of different concepts and ideas and measure which posts convert the best, get the most “Likes” on Facebook, and so forth. The blog can thus function as a petri dish for your marketing efforts. If something does really well, you can expand the concepts in other arenas to win even bigger.

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