Get Visible With Press Releases For Your Small Law Firm Marketing

Once you’ve gotten some market attention, you want to keep it. 


An attorney marketing strategy that successfully draws in new clients will also maintain interest for your existing clients. Make a good enough impression on these folks and they’re the ones who will have your name on tap when friends and family members in your jurisdiction need a good referral. 


Press releases are a great way to keep your firm fresh in the minds of your client base.


Additionally, attorney press releases can serve as a means of highlighting the successes of your firm without bragging or making your client base feel like they are being “advertised” at. Done correctly, press releases will build enthusiasm for your practice in a sincere and informative way.


Here are a few tips for making effective press releases to promote your law firm:

  • Put press releases in the “latest news” section of your website and newsletter.
  • Write items in the third person and keep the tone informative.
  • Avoid boasting and excessively promoting the firm. 
  • Land a big settlement? Open a new branch? Contribute to a major relief fund for a recent crisis? Working with your team to reduce the carbon footprint of your office space? These are the sorts of items that readers can both identify with and get excited about. 
  • Forget about the “wedding announcements”: you know, “our firm is proud to announce a new associate…” Releases like this aren’t going to attract any search engine attention, and for good reason—they’re pretty dull.
  • Get your releases seen by more eyes by syndicating them.


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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.