How to Stop a Mouse-Moving, Page-Scrolling Person in His Tracks...with Your Headline

Your headline can make your break your legal marketing. Find out why.When creating any legal marketing content, you most likely have given the topic a lot of thought. You may have spent a great amount of time researching a topic and making sure your facts were straight, or you may have spent time making sure your content was creative and well written, including inserting the proper number of keywords and key phrases that would help make your search engine results effective.

Although everything mentioned above is ideal, there is one thing missing: creating an original title. Although it’s only a few words, a headline may be the most important part of your marketing, which is why it should never be forgotten or produced in a rush. Creating a great title for your legal blog takes time and effort. If you don’t have the right title attached to your blog, a reader may not even click on your search result.

What a Boring Headline Can Do to Your Attorney Marketing

  • Boring titles can cause a reader to be uninterested in your services.
  • Dull headlines can cause someone to pass by your blog and click on your competitor’s site.
  • Boring headlines may not generate the right search results or traffic you want.
  • Unexciting titles do not stop a mouse-moving, Internet page-scrolling person to stop in his tracks.

Instead of producing a run-of-the-mill headline for your site, spend a little extra time producing an original, creative title for your attorney blog that will entice people to want to click the link and read more.

Although you may have to go through a couple revisions, coming up with an interesting title that will grab the reader’s attention and appeal to his or her emotions will be worth all the time and effort. It may be tough to create a title that is interesting to both humans world and to search engines, but do your best. The effectiveness of your website depends on the ability to write for both humans, and search engine robots.

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