The Best Professional Marketing Coaches for Lawyers (Part A)

If you had a toothache you'd go to the dentist, not just any general doctor. So why would you waste your time going to professional marketing coaches that generalize? These professionals are of the mindset that every business is the same and can therefore be marketed the same way. This is dangerous thinking on many levels.

"My system works for anyone!"

If that's the angle the professional marketing coaches are working from, they're doing it all wrong
. Not only is marketing a very different animal depending on your industry, legal marketing has even more layers when you get down to practice areas, geographic locations, and each individual lawyer in a firm.

Take any two personal injury attorneys in the Chicago area and they will need completely different legal marketing strategies. If they both listen to the same professional marketing coaches and seminars, they're going to have very similar legal marketing strategies. Blindly listening to the advice of an "expert" without changing things and making them personal to your own practice means you're going to run the risk of looking like everyone else who trusts that "expert."

When you were a kid in grade school you probably decorated your backpack and notebooks with all kinds of things to be different. Sure, everyone could go to the store and buy a blue spiral notebook, but yours had the cool Batman sticker on it. With legal marketing, you need to take the basic advice that professional marketing coaches make available to anyone and decorate it for your practice and ideal clients. 

But professional marketing coaches are certified!

You'll find plenty of people touting themselves as certified professional marketing coaches. They've got all sorts of fancy letters behind their names and framed certificates hanging in their houses. Does any of this mean anything? I've had these so-called professionals calling me before, demanding to know who certified me to be a marketing coach. My question is; who certified their certifiers?

Many of these so-called "coaching schools" are diploma farms that churn out a new batch of professional marketing coaches every few months. Anyone with a couple thousand dollars and a few months to waste can get certified.

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