I run a professional mastermind group that is host to several successful members from the legal world and all over the professional market. You might think that there's no use in hanging around with people from other industries who don't understand the legal profession. Those kinds of closed-minded thoughts are exactly what get lawyers stuck in the same legal marketing and business ruts that don't produce the desired results.

What Do Other Professionals Know About Legal Marketing?

They know plenty. Maybe not legal marketing per se, but a lot of what works for marketing in other professional service industries will work for the legal industry as well. When I began Great Legal Marketing, there really was no legal marketing resource I could turn to, so I looked to see what others were doing, both lawyers and other professionals.

I saw lawyers rehashing all the same stale legal marketing tactics that had earned us a negative reputation in business marketing. They were ineffective and drew unwanted clients, if they drew clients at all. Then I looked at how other businesses were doing it. The successful professionals were gaining new clients, keeping them in the loop, getting referrals - all without doing the "tried-and-true" methods we had been taught by the so-called "gurus" of general marketing.

I liked what these other professionals were doing. They were running their businesses, not stressing over their marketing or whether they'd be able to pay the bills, and they were still getting home to live their lives without being chained to their desks. That's when I decided to unite all these successful professionals in an attorney mastermind group.

Why an Attorney Mastermind Group?

There's strength in numbers. Brainstorming is one of the greatest ways to get the ball rolling for some really great ideas in almost any project. In the case of legal marketing, just because all the members of a mastermind group may not be lawyers doesn't mean they don't know anything about marketing a business.

If you gather together successful members of your local community, you'll find that they all have some pretty great ideas. They all had to start somewhere, and if they're continuing to be successful even in this economy, they're probably someone to listen to when you're looking for new ideas.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.