Getting Your Lawyer Website Found on the Internet (Part B)

Lawyer Directories and Website Links

Nearly every other Internet presence your legal marketing plan has you involved in will have an opportunity to link to your website. When people are searching for your profile online, you should take every opportunity to link your name to your website. You can only say so much on social networking profiles, but have complete control over your lawyer website. You should use the opportunity to link between all of your Internet output, being sure that everything directs back to your primary lawyer website.

If you decide to work with lawyer directories or online directories like, you should also make sure a link to your lawyer website appears on those entries.
Most clients searching for you on the Internet are looking mainly for your lawyer website so they can get more information.

The Importance of Linking In and Out

Everything you do on the Internet for legal marketing should link back to your main lawyer website.
Because your website has your contact information as well as all your great legal knowledge, clients are going to be swayed much more by that than by a profile on Facebook.

All of your blog entries should somehow link back to your lawyer website.
Because blogs are often reposted by others, this will give new clients exposure to your website. You should also be linking to other reputable websites, not just as a courtesy "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal, but because search engines like to see you're active with other good sites.

Just as I remind everyone that if they're looking to be successful, they need to start associating with other successful entrepreneurs, the same goes with your lawyer website. It's a networking/credentials deal; play with the other successful websites and you'll be seen as a good guy too.

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