Four Easy Steps to Finding, Testing, and Focusing Your Legal Marketing Keywords

Keywords are important because they take the search terms your customers type into Google and boil down them down into the most direct and informative phrases that will bring a reader to your site. Good keywords range from broad terms to specific events or injuries—and if done right, they can bring in a flood of business.

Here are four easy steps to putting the right legal marketing keywords in place:

  1. Study the competition. Pick a website of a law firm that you know is doing well. Scan their site to find out which key phrases they are using, and how. Which phrases do they use most often? Which ones do they hyperlink? Make sure you choose a site that offers similar services to yours.
  2. Take a poll. The best way to get information is to ask for it. Ask everyone—yourself, your staff, and your clients—what terms they would use if they were searching for your services. The search terms your clients use to find your firm could be the most effective key phrases for your website.
  3. How to select the right keywords for your legal marketingWatch your language. This doesn’t mean shying away from salty terms, but using the words and phrases your customer would use instead of using legal jargon. When it comes to explaining a case, there’s a big difference between the language of the courtroom and the language your clients. If your slip and fall page has a link text of “premises liability case,” the only person who’s going to find you is another attorney.
  4. “Test drive” your list. Once you have compiled a list of possible phrases, do an online search of each one to see what results they produce. You can use some online tools, such as Google’s AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, to evaluate potential keyword traffic. Make sure you check out the sites that pop up—they might lead you to other keywords you haven’t though of.

Remember: your marketing isn’t over once you have your keywords in place. You must constantly be updating your phrases to include new words and testing the old terms to make sure they are still effective.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.