How to Get Personal Injury Clients Using Law Firm Radio Advertising

Attorney radio advertising is an underused form of legal marketing that can assist law firms in reaching potential new personal injury clients. Some lawyers worry that radio may be expensive or ineffective, often because the information that is delivered is not in a physical form. However, they fail to understand that when potential clients receive messages delivered by the “voice” of the law firm, it comes across in a more personal manner.

How can law firm radio marketing assist attorneys in gaining new personal injury clients? The following is an overview.

Studies have shown that radio advertising reaches 88 percent of people whose households have hired a personal injury attorney in the prior 12 months.

  • Radio advertising familiarizes potential clients with the law firm and its attorneys.
  • Radio advertising is easily tracked, so that the law firm can determine quickly and efficiently which ads — and which stations — are delivering the best return on investment.
  • Delivering information orally is effective and can capture the attention of potential clients.
  • Direct-response radio advertisements encourage potential clients to take action immediately.
  • Direct-response radio advertisements can drive traffic to the law firm website or to pick up the phone and call the attorney for access to a free book or other information provided by the firm.
  • Because relatively few attorneys take advantage of radio advertising, the listener is more likely to truly hear and process the message being delivered by the law firm.

Clearly, direct-response radio marketing is an efficient means for law firms to reach targeted groups of potential personal injury clients.

Ben Glass
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