Can Radio Commercials Be Effective Law Firm Marketing? (Part 1 of 2)

Before we discuss radio advertising, we need to cover a foundational piece of marketing that will change the way you approach any kind of marketing, including buying spots on the radio...

"Direct Response marketing" is the best method of tracking your marketing dollars. Direct response advertising, by definition, prompts a potential client to directly reply to the exact piece of marketing material you created. Here are some examples of response mechanisms: completing a form and sending it in; calling a special 1-800 number; or sending a text message to a certain number. Getting a direct response from a specific advertisement lets you track how clients are finding you. This sort of data is useful when experimenting with new legal marketing methods and deciding what works and what doesn't. Combined with a client database, you should be able to easily track where new leads come from and if they turn into actual clients.

A Radio Commercial Is Direct Response

The beautiful thing about a radio commercial is that it's easily repeated, easily branded, and easily tracked. For smart tracking of your lawyer advertising make sure that each of your radio spots includes a unique way to contact you (a unique Web page or 1-800 number are the two easiest). This way, you can tell immediately whether or not your radio commercial is effective at bringing in new clients.

One of the biggest factors in determining if an advertising method is appropriate for your firm (or not) is by tracking the responses. You want to weigh the amoung of money you're spending on the advertisment against the fees you get from clients that come in. Remember that in many practice areas it may take a while for those cases to play out, so you need may need to track the effectiveness of the ad over months or even years.

Successful Lawyer Advertising with a Radio Commercial

Your radio commercial should have the same purpose as most of your other first contact lawyer advertising: getting your information in the clients' hands. Your radio commercial needs to clearly explain who and what you are and how your listeners can learn more. Offer them your book, direct them to your website full of information, let them know you are the guru of legal knowledge and you're willing to share it with them.

Whether you choose to voice the radio commercial yourself, hire the familiar voice of a local DJ, or have another professional voice talent do the talking is completely up to you. Many listeners identify well with the sound of their local DJs, but "live read" lawyer advertising often comes off sounding fake and scripted (because it is scripted, of course!). However, some radio hosts are extremely effective at live reads, so listen to the radio station on which you want to advertise to judge for yourself whether or not the host would sound right reading your ad live.

There's a lot more to determining if a radio commercial will be a beneficial form of lawyer advertising for your firm. The next part of the article talks about how to best strategize when you'll be airing your ads.

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