Playing to Your Local Market (Part B)

Everyone Loves a Local Boy

Many clients rooted in their community are looking to support the local farmer before they go buying lettuce at their local Walmart. They're the ones that would rather pay the kid down the street $20 to mow their lawn than hire some professional company. The trend of supporting local entrepreneurs and home-grown businesses has increased in recent years with the recession, and you can capitalize on this trend with your lawyer marketing.

Establish yourself as the good old town lawyer, the trustworthy source for your clients' legal matters. Appeal to that sense of community, local pride and convenience of staying near home. Your community presence helps this tremendously, and with the right lawyer advertising, you can strengthen this identity.

Lawyer Advertising with Local Flair

What's hot in your local area? A sports team? An upcoming event? Use it! With some creative thinking, you can make any unrelated local hot topic draw extra attention to your legal marketing. I've seen lawyers start their advertisements talking about how awesome the local basketball team was doing and then spin it into reminding clients that even basketball players can be in car accidents, and they need personal injury attorneys, too.

The more relevant your lawyer advertising is to what's important to the local clients, the easier it will be to draw their attention. You need to have that great hook to get your clients to read further, and local news is a great hook to have! Many lawyers blog about local incidents and news to draw extra traffic to their website, then lead their readers to learn more about their practice area and contact them for a consultation.

Successful Lawyer Marketing with Great Legal Marketing

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