Publishing a Law Firm Marketing Book: Is it Worth the Expense?

Writing a legal marketing book can feel like a daunting task to many attorneys. Aside from the time commitment and writing required, the potential cost can appear overwhelming as well. Fortunately, investing in a book as part of an attorney marketing campaign can pay off in a large way in the form of increased revenue and traffic flow of new clients.

For attorneys interested in writing a legal book, there are options to control costs, including:
  • The attorney can choose to self-publish their book or legal guide.
  • The attorney can choose between trade paperback books and hardcover books. Trade paperback books are much less expensive than hardcover books, while still portraying a professional and polished appearance.
  • The attorney can choose how much they want to spend when creating a book. It is possible to invest several thousand dollars, and it is equally possible to invest less. The quality may not be the same; however, the option to control expenses still exists.
If done properly, the decision to invest the funds to publish a book can be well worth the expense. The following is a list of factors in support of this investment:
  • If the book is made available electronically on the law firm website, it can reach countless potential clients at an extremely lost cost to the attorney.
  • Writing and publishing a book that educates clients lends instant credibility to the attorney.
  • Publishing and distributing the legal book earns the law firm notoriety in the community.
  • A properly written educational book delivers important information to potential clients that is not readily available elsewhere.
  • A book can provide insider legal knowledge to potential clients, thereby earning their trust.
  • Writing a book that offers important information to potential clients can help to overcome the public’s perception of lawyers being untrustworthy. As a result, that potential client is more likely to reach out to the law firm for assistance.
  • By teaching about the intricacies of the law, the book educates the public about the need for a lawyer.
  • A book can inform potential clients about your practice in a subtle manner.
  • The book is a low-pressure way of reaching clients.
  • Writing a book allows potential clients to draw their own conclusion that it is in their best interest to contact you. 
  • With so many practicing lawyers today, the book can also teach clients how to choose counsel to represent them.
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