Effective Legal Marketing: It’s All About the Follow Up

In a sea of competing attorneys, it is essential that a law firm know how to stand out in the crowd. A crucial means for separating oneself from the herd is to engage in an active follow up campaign as part of the overall legal marketing strategy. Many attorneys are successful on the front end of their lawyer marketing campaign; however, without a solid back end system in place as well, the strategy as a whole fails to live up to its full potential.


Successful legal marketing campaigns have two important phases. The first phase of the strategy is the front end, involving an informative website, interesting legal advertisements, and effective search engine optimization techniques. The second phase of the campaign is the back end, which consists of consistent follow up in the form of phone calls, emails, and packaged marketing materials.


If the first phase of the overall law firm marketing plan is effective, clients' interest has been peaked enough that they respond and reach out to contact the attorney. At this point, persistent, reoccurring follow up is crucial. Research has shown that most clients do not make an immediate decision with regard to which law firm to hire. In fact, in can take anywhere from four to twelve months before a client decides to move forward and enter into a fee agreement. The idea behind a successful back end legal marketing strategy is to make regular contact with the potential client, thereby staying on the client's radar until he is ready to make a decision.


While investing in a legal marketing campaign is important, the true fee generating potential of the strategy is not maximized without proper follow up. For example, in a typical twenty-one day period, aiming to make some form of contact with the potential client on fourteen of those days is not excessive. To capture the most business from a legal advertising campaign, a near daily reminder of the law firm and its services serves to reinforce the message that is trying to be delivered.


Follow up is as important to legal marketing as the content on the law firm website or the copy used in advertisements. To learn about creative ways in which to reach out to clients, contact attorney marketing specialist Ben Glass at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.


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