Response to Your Legal Marketing (Part B)

Responding to Blog Comments

The hallmark of a popular blog is that it has active commentary from both visitors and the writer. Sure, you can generate artificial hype by blogging about a controversial or popular topic, but the true badge of honor is when you can drum up commentary without having to use cheap tricks.

Blog posts that invite commentary are ones that talk directly to the readers. Much like the style of most of my articles, you need to talk directly to the clients and ask them what they think. The call to action in this case is commentary on your blog topic, which will help you get in your client's head.

When you write your blog entries, think about what you're discussing and how you can get it to relate to your clients.
Are you talking about a new piece of legislation that just removed the helmet requirement for motorcyclists over 18? Give your opinion on the matter and invite readers to leave their own comments. Good legal marketing creates an ongoing communication with your clients, and your lawyer advertising will lead them into this cycle.

When you receive comments on your blog entries don't just smile and pat yourself on the back for getting some publicity. You should try to take some time to respond directly to the commentors. Their response lets you know someone's listening, and your response to them lets them know that their commentary was worth it - you're listening to them just as well.

Social Media Interaction

Your legal marketing shouldn't be self-centered; you need to show your clients that they're the priority, not you. That being said, when posting on your Facebook or Twitter account about the latest buzz in the office or your recent feature article, you need to make these bits of information enticing to look at.

Don't just link to your latest blog entry and say "here it is," that's just one-shot lawyer advertising that does little to entice clients to do anything. Instead, link your blog to a note to your clients, inviting them to read it and comment back. Depending on the nature of your area of practice it may not be wise to ask readers to respond back with personal stories, so use discretion.

Great Legal Marketing knows that a good legal marketing and lawyer advertising strategy is useless without good follow-up with your clients. For more information on what lawyer advertising strategies work best for legal marketing, get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

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