Marketing That Tracks Results In Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

Life is too short for time-consuming, retroactive return-on-investment investigations.


Imagine creating a personal injury advertising campaign with the means of tracking your conversion rate—that’s the number of potential clients who actively respond to your marketing by taking an action you want them to take, such as filling out a web form or making a call—sometimes from the very moment action is taken. Would it change your perspective on how you market your firm? 


Real-time assessment affords you the opportunity for nearly immediate, evolving feedback so you can emphasize the sort of content that works, and stop expending resources on content that isn’t.


You can also use the feedback as a tool to help you determine any changes you might need to make to your advertising budget. Are you putting enough money in? Are you putting too much money in? Is there a type of advertising you’d like to be channeling more revenue towards?


Putting the pieces together

Some of the options you have for track-as-you go marketing include:

  • Special tracking telephone numbers. By associating a unique toll-free telephone number with each type of marketing you use—television, radio, Internet, print—you can track what’s getting you the most calls by means of the number itself. Numbers specifically designed for tracking are sold by many firms and will additionally offer reports with other statistics about the call, helping you sort redials from first time calls and more.
  • URLs. Registering a number of URLs for your website means you can designate specialized “landing pages” in your print and broadcast ads. The URL can take the client to your universal homepage while still documenting the specialized URL that got them to investigate your firm.
  • Web forms. Instead of having just one contact form on the front page, intersperse forms offering your books or more information throughout your website. Web forms can be individually tracked so you know where a prospect found it. Tracking can be totally automated through marketing software like Infusionsoft.
  • Asking the potential client. This method is less exact, but it will offer you direct and unique insight into a prospect’s thinking process.


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