Using Your Blog as a Best Marketing for Lawyers Tool

Blogging for your small law firm is a great way to get your practice noticed by people surfing the web. You might even engage past, current, and potential clients in conversation about topics that matter to them, something that may keep your firm on the radar for their future legal needs.

However, handled poorly, a lawyer blog can be just as much of a liability. Today we’re going to help you out with some effective blogging best practices. 

1. Gather Information: Make a habit of scanning headlines, both legal and general. There are lots of venues to find news and trending topics:
  • Traditional news sites, for an objective description of recent developments
  • Editorial sites and salons, for insight into how the media is interpreting recent news
  • Social networking sites, to see what issues are trending among potential clients

You might also want to use the services of a virtual assistant to build a store of potential “blog fodder.” 

Remember that topics that don’t seem to have an immediately visible legal component can still be used to start conversations in your blog. Getting to that conversation is part of our second point:

2. Cultivate a unique perspective: Don’t be afraid to differentiate yourself from popular opinion on an issue, especially if you can differentiate yourself in a way that emphasizes your expertise or legal style.

Taking a controversial viewpoint on an issue can work to your advantage if you do it in a professional way. If a reader feels they’ve gotten something unique from your blog, you have a reader who will link back to you besides returning themselves. 

3. Make it readable: That means not just choosing an engaging topic and giving it a unique spin, but also:
  • Giving the article an attention-grabbing title
  • Making sure your copy is free of typos, grammatical errors, and factual inaccuracies
  • Keep the writer’s eye with short paragraphs, simple sentences, and blog articles that don’t run over a page in length
  • Avoid “legalese.” Word your blog pieces for laypeople, not other lawyers.

4. Keep it fresh! The longer your blog goes without new content, the more of a liability it becomes. Try to post a new blog at least two times a week.

Remember: some topics age faster than others. If a quality prospect lands on your blog looking for a DUI attorney and finds the top article is about Paris Hilton’s 2007 jail term, chances are he won’t stick around for long.

5. Interact, interact, interact: Always end your blog articles by asking for your reader’s insight. Conversations in your article’s comment section draw hits and link-backs.

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