Is Ben Glass a Marketing Huckster?

Hi, this is Ben Glass and every once in a while, I get hate mail.

I got a letter the other day from a lawyer who called me a huckster, said that I should either be a lawyer or a marketer and accused me of helping lawyers build their brands. Now, mind you this is a guy who has never been to any of our conferences. He has never bought any of our manuals. He has never looked at any CDs or listened to any—or watch any of the DVDs, so he really doesn’t know me. He’s never given me a call, never visited me in my office. I’m a little surprised that he’s making statements not based on reality.

Here’s the truth. Small firm lawyers across the United States and Canada who use Ben Glass style marketing are once again elevating the status of lawyers in their community. They are becoming the wise men and women at the top of the mountain through whom all request for legal information are going. They're doing that because they're providing good quality consumer information. Consumers who visit a website or seen materials from a great legal marketing member become more educated consumers, they understand what it is lawyers do. They understand the argument against tort reform and they become better clients. Yes, I plead guilty to helping lawyers build their brands.

I plead guilty to helping lawyers build quality, profitable practices that helps them serve more of the communities that they live in. One last thing, I think a lot of the old bar, the lawyers who've been around a long time want to continue to send out the message which is an absolute lie, that the only way to build a practice is to do good cases and they will come. There’s a reason they do that and that’s to keep you from competing with them in the marketplace. If you’d like more information, just visit us at greatlegalmarketing,com.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.