Legal Marketing: Staying True to Your Goals is the Key to Success

Thousands of lawyers across the country open up their own law practice each year. When first starting out, the risks are high, the hours are long, and the pay is little. Even once established, the pressures of legal marketing, finding new clients, and running the practice are added to the responsibility of actually engaging in the practice of law. Why do they do it? What many fail to understand is that the reasons attorneys run a law practice are often the most important aspects of effective lawyer marketing. Common reasons include the following:


  1. Escape the "Big Law" way of life. Achieving a satisfying attorney work-life balance is a common goal of many practitioners. Many lawyers leave well-paying and secure jobs with other firms, seeking more reasonable hours and more flexible schedules. This factor is important to attorney marketing strategies because true success follows when the lawyer puts their professional, personal, emotional, and physical needs first. Effective legal marketing requires that the attorney be satisfied professionally and truly enjoy what they do.


  1. Provide quality service to clients. Attorneys often share the noble common goal of helping others. Running their own law practice allows the freedom to provide quality services to clients without the influence of outside factors present in some law firms, such as minimum billable hour requirements. Legal marketing strategies should reflect this same goal. Providing quality service to clients is essential for creating a reputation as an expert attorney within the field.


  1. Achieve financial freedom. Another important goal of running a law practice is to earn an income. For many practitioners, it is important to have a reliable and sufficient income to either support oneself or one's family and to allow for personal pleasures such as travel or other hobbies. This goal is very important for law firm marketing. Investing in a marketing campaign will not lead to increased income unless it produces results. Effective legal marketing strategies must be targeted for the most efficient balance of cost versus benefit.


  1. Earn trust and respect within the community. Many legal professionals run a law practice with the goal of earning the trust and respect of the members of their community. Trust and respect are earned by building a reputation through quality work, reliability, and consistency. Trust is equally as important when it comes to effective lawyer marketing. By staying to true to this goal, the attorney will naturally generate more satisfied clients who will spread the word about the lawyer's services.


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