Learn To Sell Them In Person On Why They Should Let You Be Their Bankruptcy Attorney Using GLM's Practice Coaching Program; A Path to Success

What Happens When The Phone Starts Ringing?


As you have read, I always had the blessing of making the phone ring even before I

became involved with Great Legal Marketing. However, even though I had plenty of

appointments on the books, one thing I hated the most was wasting huge amounts of time in a long initial FREE consultation just to find out that the people sitting in front of you aren't ready to go forward.


I would spend so much time with people and then there was the rejection I felt on top of

the frustration and it drove me nuts. After implementing all of the techniques and ideas I have learned in Great Legal Marketing, the Program is set up where I now know before they even come in if someone is going to proceed with their case. I know what their fee is and I secure a retainer right away. And the best part about this is that the people who do say yes are absolutely thrilled to be working with us. They love the entire experience and anybody using this Program will love using it because it's really easy.


For me, and I know a lot of attorneys are like this too, I hate selling. I had no idea when I

went into practice for myself is that I was going to be actually having to sell something. I

wanted to practice law, not be a salesperson. Convincing people of anything really sucks and that's what I felt like. I felt like I was trying to convince people to work with me and I hated it.


Instead of funneling people into your chair to try to sell them in person on why they

should let you be their attorney, the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program we developed allows you to walk people down a natural path and when they get to the end, the natural conclusion is you are the one. And the best thing about this is I have had scores of people say that they requested my information package intending just to shop around. And after spending 30 minutes with the material, they realized that there's no point in shopping around, no point in going to anyone else. The natural conclusion is yes - REGARDLESS OF PRICE.


So, what is going to be your response when someone from one of our

targeted groups steps out from the clutter and contacts you?


Now, if you follow the step by step approach contained in the Marketing & Practice

Coaching Program, I can tell you that you are going to get some calls. In addition, you are going to get a constant stream of Internet requests for more information that can help them understand the decision they really need to make. But, before you take that first call, you must have in place a process to handle those calls and be able to respond to those calls in an efficient, systematic way.


You need a very specific script that is used when someone calls your office to make an

appointment. And you want to have a daily report that will indicate whether or not the script is being followed. Small changes in the script, changes that your receptionist doesn't even realize they're making, can lead to drastic reductions in the percentage of prospects that show up for their appointment. In addition, you have to make sure that your office is set up in a certain way.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.