Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO to Traditional Lawyer Advertising (Part A)

Marketing yourself as a lawyer is the most important (and difficult) task you'll have in maintaining a thriving law practice. Most lawyers hate it when I tell them they need to start running and marketing their law firm like a business. After all, becoming a lawyer is supposed to be about a "higher calling" to help people, not making a profit.

The truth is, if you aren't marketing your website correctly you're not going to get enough clients, or the right kind of clients, to keep your practice afloat. How many people can you help when you can't pay your office's utility bills?

A big part of marketing your law firm effectively, and landing your ideal client, is to think beyond traditional lawyer advertising and start working on how to reach your perfect client in a way they'll actually respond to.

Why Traditional Lawyer Advertising is Fruitless

When it comes to traditional lawyer advertising, what you have is thousands of attorneys all across the U.S. doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

For example, go look through the lawyer section of the Yellow Pages. What you will basically see is the same exact ad with a different name next to it page after page. This is because most lawyers think that they have to advertise in the Yellow Pages because that's what every other lawyer does.

And, what do you think they do when creating a Yellow Page ad? They look at the ads that already exist and copy them. So now all we have is a giant group of lawyers all marketing themselves ineffectively in exactly the same way.

Does this make sense to you? It doesn't make sense to your perfect client either, who is completely ignoring this sea of look-alike ads, if they are even looking through the Yellow Pages to begin with. Chances are they're not.

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