Get Seasonal with Your Legal Marketing (Part A)

Being topical is a big part in your legal marketing, whether in your blog, articles, newsletters or press releases. Your clients are greedy; they want to know that you're always thinking about THEM. When you put out lawyer advertising materials that speak to their current state of being they're more likely to respond to those rather than just generic ads.

Seasonal lawyer advertising is not only more entertaining to your clients but it's more fun for you to produce. You're expected to do a holiday themed newsletter once in a while, but there's so much more your legal marketing can benefit from by getting into the swing of the natural seasons, too.

Seasons Come In All Flavors

Don't just consider the seasons as spring, summer, fall and winter, there are plenty of other seasons out there as well. A popular Florida joke is that there are three seasons, "summer, Tourist Season, and Hurricane Season." Many states have their own local "seasons" where they see an influx of tourists, herald the coming of the muddy spring thaw, or begin hunting for various game. All of these local phenomenons can be great fodder for a unique and interesting legal marketing campaign.

Say your personal injury practice specializes in motorcycle accidents. The local area you serve sees a dramatic increase in motorcyclists around the month of May due to the nice weather making it time to break your bike out from the winter storage. You've got a monthly newsletter going out, so focus your May issue on tips for bike maintenance after storage, safe riding in the potential spring storms, and the importance of refresher courses after you haven't ridden for a while.

The summer months are a great time to focus on talking about child safety, since school is out of session and a lot more children are enjoying outdoor sports and recreation. Getting your legal marketing materials out near public pools, parks, and community centers where summer camps often take place are great methods of seasonal lawyer advertising.

You don't have to forget the holidays, too, and even those can play into your seasonal lawyer advertising in more ways than just graphic design. Continue reading for ways to tailor your legal marketing message to the holiday seasons.

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