This was the webinar that got the highest ratings ever for one of our lawyer marketing webinars.

Join Ben Glass, Rem Jackson, Tom Foster and special guests—estate planning attorney Dave Frees, divorce attorney Charlie Hofheimer, and DUI attorney Bob Battle—for a webinar. Learn why TRUST (yes, trust), may be the single most important—and overlooked—factor in determining your success.

We live in exceptionally UN-trustworthy times. People's faith in government, church, Wall Street, banks, business—virtually every institution and profession known—has been shaken repeatedly and forcefully. This also means that people are eager for trustworthy advisors, even as they are skeptical about their very existence.

There is greater opportunity than ever for the attorney who is skilled in the development of new client trust, who possesses in-depth understanding of the psychology of trust, and who is willing to translate that into practical application, in advertising, marketing, public relations and client conversation and communication.

This requires commitment to the proposition that one's business is not about getting clients, pursuing settlements, litigation, or selling of legal services but making it about creating trust.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.