Sending the Right Message with Your Legal Marketing (Part A)

It's human nature for us to be self-centered in our daily lives. We always ask "How is this going to benefit me," when deciding on anything, from what cereal to eat in the morning to whether or not you should invest in a friend's new business venture. Life is all about choices and your next potential client has a big one to make - whether or not they should hire you as their attorney.

I talk a lot about what your marketing content needs to reflect in terms of who you are. You're not just a lawyer, you're a lawyer who deals mostly in a certain practice area; you may also be a family-oriented parent, a dog rescuer, a former band saxophone player. You can use all of these details about your own life to give some personality to your legal marketing message.

Once They Know You, They Know Enough

There are various stages of your legal marketing and each one can benefit from sending a different sort of message. Your initial legal marketing message should be that you're an experienced, personable lawyer and you'd be great to work with. Once you've earned their trust, you need to focus on their needs and desires.

Bad marketing content focuses just on your identity as a lawyer and how well you can handle cases.
Your client will catch on to this pretty quickly, they only need to be told you're a lawyer once, and they only need to see a few case results to know you're an accomplished attorney. They really don't care about you all that much beyond the fact that you're not going to swindle them.

The plan is to get them familiar with you, your practice, and instill a sense of comfort. Your legal marketing message should first focus on establishing the fact that you are the legal guru of knowledge for their claim and you're a great lawyer to work with. Once this relationship is established your marketing content needs to do a complete 180 - stop talking about yourself and focus on them.

Keep reading to see why it's so important that you shift gears in your legal marketing message and talk about your client rather than yourself.

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