Should your law firm use video for your legal marketing.If you’re a solo or small firm attorney, it’s easy to get sucked into the games that the “big dogs” play. Large volume firms are playing a “big brand” game that relies on being in front of every eyeball in your county through billboards, TV commercials, radio, bus ads, etc. Tracking the effectiveness of these types of advertising spends is practically impossible, and implementing them is incredibly expensive.

Solo and small firms should not fall into the trap of competing on “big brand” (it will leave you penniless) and instead focus on direct response style marketing. Historically, video would be considered a “big brand” play. It was expensive to make video, and the only way to get your video in front of people was to bite the bullet and pay a cable company.

The good news is that future of video (and the present, for that matter) is on the internet, through channels like Youtube and Facebook. Let’s be clear: as solo and small law firms, we are NOT interested in organic Youtube traffic, or “going viral.” The only attorney videos that go viral are over-the-top, cheesy local TV ads.

Here are three ways you can effectively use video in your practice:

1) Biographical Video on Your Homepage

While not everyone clicks on home page videos (it can be as low as 6% if your video is not mobile friendly), for those who DO click on the video, it can be a large factor in their hiring decision. People want to get to know you as a person, not as an attorney. You don’t have to go high on production value as long as you come across well in the video.

2) FAQ Videos for Internal Follow-up

Pick the top five most frequently asked questions you get when a client comes in for their first meeting. Shoot 1-2 minute videos covering each of those topics. These videos are super useful in your email follow-up sequences and appeal to people who prefer to learn through visual aids.

3) Social Media

Again, people want to get to know you as a person, not as a lawyer. Open up about your hobbies and interests. Talk about your family and your pets. You don’t have to become a die-hard vlogger to get a good response on social media.