Niche Your Legal Marketing for Efficiency (Part B)

Eliminate the Competition for Legal Guru

Sometimes you can become the legal guru in your niche practice area by accident. When you're the only lawyer in your area that caters to Chinese drywall lawsuits, or you're the first to have the guts to file a suit against a big corporation, you gain near celebrity status.

Make sure that your lawyer advertising is reflective of your accomplishments. Your niche legal marketing should focus on the fact that you are the only lawyer that does what you do. You are the guru of whatever it is that you've chosen for your niche.

Developing Your Message Is Simplified

Take a look at the huge Yellow Pages ads that list multiple practice areas. It's more like a list of career paths you'd see in a law school brochure rather than a list of services. Clients don't want to read through all those irrelevant areas, they want the kind of lawyer they need.

There's also the issue of being overly generic with your practice area. Being just another personal injury attorney next to hundreds of others isn't going to help your clients find you. But if you're doing niche legal marketing where your lawyer advertising sells you as the "construction worker's attorney" your construction worker clients will know right away you're the lawyer to turn to.

Clients like to see a simple message that speaks to their needs; they don't want to have to think much on what kind of lawyer you are or whether or not you're what they need. Effective niche legal marketing tells the client that you're the lawyer they're looking for; end of story.

Niche Legal Marketing Only Where Appropriate

You've got a niche, you've got a guru status, and now you need to employ some strategically placed lawyer advertising to bring in the ideal clients. Because your legal services focus on a specific niche of practice, you already know the types of clients your lawyer advertising needs to call out to.

You can save time and effort on your niche legal marketing by only focusing your efforts on the venues and messages that matter
. Don't blanket-advertise in generic lawyer advertising, go to where your ideal clients are looking. If you cater to motorcyclists, get your lawyer advertising in the local cycle shops or motorcycle magazines; don't stick an ad in the Yellow Pages with all the other generic "yelling" lawyers.

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