It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about all the ways you can implement online legal advertising for your firm. The “do this” and “don’t do that” mentality, the learning how to use all the different forms of online media, and the sheer number of ways to reach people will no doubt have you looking for a simplified way to run your online advertising campaign.

Here it is: the Internet is there for people to contact you.

Too easy? Consider this: when you first put up one of those free, boilerplate websites that looked like everyone else’s, what was the first thing you put on it? Answer: your name, address and phone number.

The Internet exists so that people can find you—more specifically, find the information that they desperately need (that only you have). Therefore, all of your dealings online should provoke the visitor to initiate contact with you.How to bring your law firm online.

For best results, here is how you should utilize your:

  • Website. This is the hub of all of your online activity, the place that you prove you are an authority in your practice area. The rest of your content should have links to “funnel” customers here.
  • Blogs. Your blogs should be in your voice (no matter who is writing them) and project the tone of your firm. Again, they should be linked to similar articles on your website that the reader might enjoy.
  • Newsletters. These should be timely (no Christmas greetings in February!) updates discussing relevant information for your firm and your community. If they are emailed, it’s easy to link readers back to your site—or link the ad promoting your free book.
  • Social media. The beauty of Facebook, Twitter, and other online communities is the ability to “share” content instantly. Your content must provoke readers to share you across multiple platforms.

If all of these things are working in harmony, it won’t matter how the customer first found you—he will be led down a path where the only next logical step would be to raise his hand and contact you for more information.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.